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Transforming Message Content

This section describes how to transform messages using the features provided in XML configuration.

You can convert between low-level and high-level message formats using the following elements:

FUSE Mediation Router supports marshalling and unmarshalling of the following data formats:

Artix Data Services is a powerful tool for converting documents and messages between different data formats. In Artix Data Services, you can use a graphical tool to define complex mapping rules (including processing of data content) and then generate stub code to implement the mapping rules. See Progress Artix Data Services home page and the Artix Data Services documentation for more details. The marshal and unmarshal elements are capable of consuming Artix Data Services stub code to perform transformations on message formats. Example 3.4 shows a rule that unmarshals XML documents into a canonical format (Java objects) and then marshals the canonical format into the tag/value pair format.

Where the contentType attribute can be set to one of the following values: TagValuePair, Sax, Xml, Java, Text, Binary, Auto, Default.


Artix Data Services is licensed separately from FUSE Mediation Router.