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Setting up FUSE HQ

The discussions in this book assume that you have a working FUSE HQ system. Specifically, make sure that:

For installation procedures, see Installing FUSE HQ .


With FUSE HQ versions 4.0 and earlier, the server host and all agent hosts must have static IP addresses to ensure stability.

Start FUSE Message Broker first, followed by the FUSE HQ Server and then the FUSE HQ Agents. Starting FUSE Message Broker first is not a requirement, but by doing so, you ensure that the HQ Agent will discover it and report it to the HQ Server immediately.

To start the FUSE Message Broker:

If FUSE Message Broker is not already running, start it as follows:

To start the FUSE HQ Server:

It is recommended that you install the FUSE HQ Server as a Windows service or include it in a startup script so that it runs automatically each time the host is booted. Otherwise, start it as follows:

To start the FUSE HQ Agent:

You can install the FUSE HQ Agent as a Windows service or include it in a startup script. However, the first time you run the Agent, you must start it from a command shell and provide certain required information. FUSE HQ stores this information so that subsequent sessions can start without user intervention. For initial startup, use the following procedure:

  1. In a command prompt or terminal window, change directory to the FUSE HQ Agent installation directory.

  2. Type the following:

  3. After a few seconds, during which you see some informational messages, the script prompts you for the HQ server IP address. Enter the IP address of the machine where the FUSE HQ Server is running.

  4. Next, the script asks whether you want to use secure communications. Generally, for testing purposes, you can accept the default "no." If you want to use a secure connection, enter yes.

  5. When prompted for the server HTTP or HTTPS port number, enter the value that was specified for this port during installation of the FUSE HQ Server. Usually, the proposed default value is correct.

    FUSE HQ tests the connection. If all is well, you promptly see "Success" confirmation. If the connection fails, make sure that the server is running, the port information is correct, and no firewall issues are blocking communication on that port, and then try this startup procedure again.

  6. After validating the connection, the script prompts you for an HQ login ID and password. Enter the values that were provided for the administrator's account during installation of the server.

  7. When prompted for the IP address at which the server should contact the agent, accept the default or enter the appropriate address. Normally, the default (the IP address of the local host) should be correct.

  8. For the port that HQ should use to contact the agent, accept the default (2144), unless a firewall policy redirects traffic addressed to that port and the file has been edited to reflect that redirection.