Package org.apache.activemq.util

Some utility classes


Interface Summary
Callback A simple callback object used by the TransactionTemplate and org.apache.activemq.util.ExceptionTemplate objects to provide automatic transactional or exception handling blocks.
ServiceListener A listener for service start, stop events

Class Summary
ActiveMQMessageUtils Message utilities
BitArray Simple BitArray to enable setting multiple boolean values efficently Used instead of BitSet because BitSet does not allow for efficent serialization.
BitArrayBin Holder for many bitArrays - used for message audit
BrokerSupport Utility class for re-sending messages
ByteArrayInputStream Very similar to the but this version is not thread safe.
ByteArrayOutputStream Very similar to the but this version is not thread safe and the resulting data is returned in a ByteSequence to avoid an extra byte[] allocation.
ByteSequenceData Used to write and read primitives to and from a ByteSequence.
DataByteArrayInputStream Optimized ByteArrayInputStream that can be used more than once
DataByteArrayOutputStream Optimized ByteArrayOutputStream
HexSupport Used to convert to hex from byte arrays and back.
IdGenerator Generator for Globally unique Strings.
IndentPrinter A helper class for printing indented text
LinkedNode Provides a base class for you to extend when you want object to maintain a doubly linked list to other objects without using a collection class.
LogWriterFinder Class used to find a LogWriter implementation, and returning a LogWriter object, taking as argument the name of a log writer.
LRUCache<K,V> A Simple LRU Cache
LRUSet<E> A Simple LRU Set
MapHelper A bunch of utility methods for working with maps
MarshallingSupport The fixed version of the UTF8 encoding function.
MemoryIntPropertyEditor Converts string values like "20 Mb", "1024kb", and "1g" to int values in bytes.
MemoryPropertyEditor Converts string values like "20 Mb", "1024kb", and "1g" to long values in bytes.
MessageComparatorSupport A base class for comparators which works on JMS Message objects
MessageDestinationComparator A comparator which works on SendCommand objects to compare the destinations
ServiceStopper A helper class used to stop a bunch of services, catching and logging any exceptions and then throwing the first exception when everything is stoped.
ServiceSupport A helper class for working with services together with a useful base class for service implementations.
TransactionTemplate A helper class for running code with a PersistenceAdapter in a transaction.

Exception Summary

Package org.apache.activemq.util Description

Some utility classes

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