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Programming Client Credentials

Currently, for Java clients of the FUSE Message Broker, you must set the username/password credentials by programming. The ActiveMQConnectionFactory provides several alternative methods for specifying the username and password, as follows:

ActiveMQConnectionFactory(String userName, String password, String brokerURL);
ActiveMQConnectionFactory(String userName, String password, URI brokerURL);
Connection createConnection(String userName, String password);
QueueConnection createQueueConnection(String userName, String password);
TopicConnection createTopicConnection(String userName, String password); 

Of these methods, createConnection(String userName, String password) is the most flexible, since it enables you to specify credentials on a connection-by-connection basis.

To specify the login credentials on the client side, pass the username/password credentials as arguments to the ActiveMQConnectionFactory.createConnection() method, as shown in the following example: