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Tutorial: Install a Directory Server and Browser

This section describes how to install an X.500 directory server and browser client, which you can then use to test the LDAP authentication feature of FUSE Message Broker. For the purpose of this tutorial, we recommend using the relevant applications from the Apache Directory project.

Apache Directory Server (ApacheDS) is an open-source implementation of an X.500 directory server. You can use this directory server as a store of security data for the LDAP authentication feature of FUSE Message Broker.

To install Apache Directory Server, download ApacheDS 1.5 from and run the installer. During the installation process, you will be asked whether or not to install a default instance of the directory server. Choose the default instance.

If you install on the Windows platform, the default instance of the directory server is configured as a Windows service. Hence, you can stop and start the directory server using the standard Services administrative tool. If you install on a Linux or Mac OS platform, follow the instructions in Installing and Starting the Server for starting and stopping the directory server.


This tutorial was tested with version 1.5.4 of Apache Directory Studio.

The Apache Directory Studio is an Eclipse-based suite of tools for administering an X.500 directory server. In particular, for this tutorial, you need the LDAP Browser feature, which enables you to create new entries in the Directory Information Tree (DIT).

There are two alternative ways of installing Apache Directory Studio: