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Setting up the Environment on *NIX

Table 3.2 describes the environment variables recognized by the administration tool on *NIX (UNIX and LINUX) platforms.

You must set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to the location of your Java installation directory. It is usually convenient to set this environment variable at the same time as the other Fuse Message Broker environment variables.

On *NIX platforms, the admin tool has the capability to find and source a startup script, immediately before it executes whatever task you have specified. The startup script is a shell script, which is normally used to set some environment variables.

When the admin tool (activemq or activemq-admin) starts up, it looks for startup scripts in the following locations:

If both of these scripts exist, they will both be sourced by the admin tool, in the order shown.

To create your own startup script, perform the following steps:

By default, the activemq script can launch only one broker at a time, because the startup scripts specify the environment for one particular broker instance only.

If you need to administer multiple broker instances, you can create a symlink of the activemq script and associate it with a specific broker instance, as follows: