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Listing Available Brokers

To list all the brokers running in the default JMX contect, type:

activemq-admin list

If the broker is running in a JMX context other than the default, you need to pass the --jmxurl option to the list task, as follows:

activemq-admin list --jmxurl service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://localhost:8050/jmxrmi

The list task supports the following options:

--jmxurl <URL> Sets the JMX URL to connect to.
--jmxuser <user> Sets the JMX user, used for authentication.
--jmxpassword <password> Sets the JMX password, used for authentication.
--jmxlocal Use the local JMX server instead of a remote server.
-D<prop>=<value>Sets a Java system property. For example, -Dactivemq.home=C:/ActiveMQ.
--version Displays the version information.
-h, -?, --help Displays the online help for this command