Package org.apache.activemq.transport

The core Transport abstraction and support classes


Interface Summary
LogWriter Interface for classes that will be called by the TransportLogger class to actually write to a log file.
Transport Represents the client side of a transport allowing messages to be sent synchronously, asynchronously and consumed.
TransportListener An asynchronous listener of commands
TransportLoggerControlMBean MBean used to manage all of the TransportLoggers at once.
TransportLoggerViewMBean MBean to manage a single Transport Logger.
TransportServer A TransportServer asynchronously accepts Transport objects and then delivers those objects to a TransportAcceptListener.

Class Summary
CommandJoiner Joins together of partial commands which were split into individual chunks of data.
DefaultTransportListener An asynchronous listener of commands
InactivityMonitor Used to make sure that commands are arriving periodically from the peer of the transport.
ResponseCorrelator Adds the incrementing sequence number to commands along with performing the corelation of responses to requests to create a blocking request-response semantics.
ThreadNameFilter The thread name filter, modifies the name of the thread during the invocation to a transport.
TransportLogger This TransportFilter implementation writes output to a log as it intercepts commands / events before sending them to the following layer in the Transport stack.
TransportLoggerControl Implementation of the TransportLoggerControlMBean interface, which is an MBean used to control all TransportLoggers at once.
TransportLoggerFactory Singleton class to create TransportLogger objects.
TransportLoggerView Class implementing the TransportLoggerViewMBean interface.
TransportServerSupport A useful base class for implementations of TransportServer
TransportServerThreadSupport A useful base class for implementations of TransportServer which uses a background thread to accept new connections.
TransportSupport A useful base class for transport implementations.
TransportThreadSupport A useful base class for a transport implementation which has a background reading thread.
WireFormatNegotiator Negotiates the wire format with a new connection
WriteTimeoutFilter This filter implements write timeouts for socket write operations.

Exception Summary
InactivityIOException This is exception is thrown when the transport layer detects that the underlying socket has been inactive for too long.
RequestTimedOutIOException thrown when the timeout specified on a request expires before a reply or response is received
TransportDisposedIOException This is exception is thrown when the transport is disposed

Package org.apache.activemq.transport Description

The core Transport abstraction and support classes

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