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Fuse Message Broker support two types of JDBC store:

The journaled JDBC store features better performance than the plain JDBC store; but the journaled JDBC store is incompatible with the JDBC master/slave failover pattern—see Shared JDBC Master/Slave in Fault Tolerant Messaging.

Example 4.2 shows the configuration for using the Oracle JDBC driver. The persistence adapter configuration refers to the Spring bean element that configures the JDBC driver.

The JDBC drivers are configured using a Spring bean element. The id attribute specifies the name by which you will refer to the driver when configuring the JDBC persistence adapter. The class attribute specifies the class that implements the data source used to interface with the JDBC driver. The destroy-method attribute specifies the name of the method to call when the JDBC driver is shutdown.

In addition to the bean element, the JDBC driver configuration includes a number of property elements. Each property element specifies a property required by the JDBC driver. For information about the configurable properties refer to your JDBC driver's documentation.

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