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JMX Security

Fuse Message Broker's MBeans can be accessed using two different JMX connectors. One is created by Fuse Message Broker and the other is the standard JVM connector. Depending on which connector you activate, you should secure access to the MBeans by activating authentication and SSL/TLS for the connector in use.

You can connect to one of two alternative JMX connectors (IP ports), in order to manage the MBeans in an Fuse Message Broker broker instance. As shown in Figure 5, you can connect either to the JMX connector exposed by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) or to the JMX connector exposed directly by the broker.

Figure 5. Alternative JMX Connectors

Alternative JMX Connectors

  • Fuse Message Broker JMX connector—a dedicated IP port that enables you to monitor the MBeans inside the broker instance. It is enabled by default.

  • Platform JMX connector—an IP port that enables you to monitor all of the MBeans that are active in the JVM instance, including the MBeans in the broker. This JMX connector is not used by default, but is automatically activated, if you disable the Fuse Message Broker JMX connector.

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