Package org.apache.servicemix.components.jms

Bindings for JMS


Interface Summary
DestinationChooser A pluggable strategy used to decide which JMS Destination to use for an outbound JMS message

Class Summary
JmsInBinding A JMS MessageListener which sends the inbound JMS message into the JBI container for processing
JmsInUsingJCABinding Uses the JCA Container for better inbound subscription.
JmsMarshaler Marshalls JMS messages into and out of NMS messages
JmsReceiverComponent A component which uses a JmsTemplate to consume messages from a destination.
JmsSenderComponent Consumers JBI messages and sends them to a JMS destination using the Spring JmsTemplate
JmsServiceComponent A component which uses a JmsTemplate to consume messages from a destination, forward then intot the JBI container for processing, and send back the result to the JMS requestor - used for the TopipcRequestor and QueueRequestor pattern
SimpleDestinationChooser A simple destination chooser which will use the value of the SimpleDestinationChooser.OUT_DESTINATION_KEY property on the message exchange, or fall back to a default destination

Exception Summary
JBIJMSException Thrown when a JMS message is thrown from inside a JMS binding component for the JBI container
RuntimeJMSException A runtime exception caused when a JMS exception is thrown in a method which cannot throw a checked exception such as inside a JMS MessageListener.onMessage(javax.jms.Message) method.

Package org.apache.servicemix.components.jms Description

Bindings for JMS

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