Package org.apache.servicemix.jbi.messaging

JBI Normalized Message Service (NMS) implementation classes


Interface Summary
PojoMarshaler Deprecated.  

Class Summary
DefaultMarshaler Deprecated.  
DeliveryChannelImpl DeliveryChannel implementation
ExchangePacket ExchangePacket is responsible for carrying MessageExchange payloads
FaultImpl Fault implementation
InOnlyImpl InOnly message exchange.
InOptionalOutImpl InOptionalOut message exchange.
InOutImpl InOut message exchange.
MessageExchangeFactoryImpl Resolver for URI patterns
MessageExchangeImpl A simple message exchange declaration.
MessageExchangeImpl.AgeComparator Comparator that can be used to sort exchanges according to their "age" in their processing: i.e.: a newly created exchange will be more than a DONE exchange ...
MessageExchangeSupport Deprecated. use MessageExchangePattern instead
NormalizedMessageImpl Represents a JBI NormalizedMessage.
RobustInOnlyImpl RobustInOnly message exchange.

Package org.apache.servicemix.jbi.messaging Description

JBI Normalized Message Service (NMS) implementation classes

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