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SOAP Specific Configuration

The SOAP provider has two specialized configuration properties. One controls if the endpoint needs to use the JBI wrapper to make messages consumable. The other determines if the endpoint checks its WSDL for compliance with the WS-I basic profile.

There are instances when a JBI component cannot consume a native SOAP message. For instance, SOAP headers pose difficulty for JBI components. The JBI specification defines a JBI wrapper that can be used to make SOAP messages, or any message defined in WSDL 1.1, conform to the expectations of a JBI component.

To configure a SOAP provider to wrap messages in the JBI wrapper you set its useJbiWrapper attribute to true.

Example 4.6 shows a configuration fragment for configuring a SOAP provider to use the JBI wrapper.

The WS-I basic profile is a specification describing the minimum set of requirements for a Web service to be considered interoperable. The requirement of the specification mostly constrain the binding of messages into SOAP containers.

By default, SOAP providers will verify that their WSDL complies to the WS-I basic profile before starting up. If the WSDL does not comply, the endpoint will not start up.

If you want to skip the WS-I basic profile verification, you can set the provider's validateWsdl attribute to false.