Using the JMS Binding Component

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the FUSE ESB JMS Binding Component
2. Configuring the Connection Factory
Using Apache ActiveMQ and Apache ActiveMQ Connection Factories
Using JNDI
Using a Spring Bean
3. Creating a Consumer Endpoint
Introduction to Consumer Endpoints
Using the Generic Endpoint or the SOAP Endpoint
Basic Configuration
Listener Containers
Advanced Configuration
SOAP Specific Configuration
Using the JCA Consumer Endpoint
Configuring How Replies are Sent
Configuring the Reply Destination
Configuring the Qualities of Service
Setting Custom JMS Properties
4. Creating a Provider Endpoint
Introduction to Provider Endpoints
Basic Configuration
Configuring How Responses are Received
Advanced Provider Configuration
JMS Message Qualities of Service
JMS Message Optimization
SOAP Specific Configuration
5. Making Endpoints Stateful
6. Working with Message Marshalers
Consumer Marshalers
Provider Marshalers
7. Implementing Destination Resolving Logic
Using a Custom Destination Chooser
Using a Custom Destination Resolver
A. Consumer Endpoint Properties
Common Properties
Properties Specific to Generic Consumers and SOAP Consumers
Properties Specific to a JCA Consumer
B. Provider Endpoint Properties
Common Properties
Properties Specific to SOAP Providers
C. Using the Maven Tooling
Setting Up a FUSE ESB Project
A Service Unit Project
A Service Assembly Project
Building and Deploying an Application
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Examples