Developing Apache CXF Interceptors

Table of Contents

1. Interceptors in the Apache CXF Runtime
2. The Interceptor APIs
3. Determining When the Interceptor is Invoked
Specifying an interceptor's phase
Constraining an interceptors placement in a phase
4. Implementing the Interceptors Processing Logic
Processing messages
Unwinding after an error
5. Configuring Endpoints to Use Interceptors
Deciding where to attach interceptors
Adding interceptors using configuration
Adding interceptors programmatically
Using the interceptor provider API
Using Java annotations
6. Manipulating Interceptor Chains on the Fly
A. Apache CXF Message Processing Phases
B. Apache CXF Provided Interceptors
Core Apache CXF Interceptors
Message bindings
Other features
C. Interceptor Providers
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Examples