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Provider Specific Runtime Configuration

The provider specific configuration allows you to specify to runtime behaviors:

You configure provider runtime behavior using the jms:serverConfig element. The jms:serverConfig element is a child of the jms:destination element. It has two attributes that are used to specify the configurable runtime properties of a provider endpoint.

The jms:serverConfig element's messageTimeToLive attribute specifies the amount of time, in milliseconds, that a response can remain unread before the JMS broker is allowed to delete it. The default is 0 which specifies that the message can live forever.

The jms:serverConfig element's durableSubscriptionClientId attribute specifies the client identifier the endpoint uses to create and access durable subscriptions.

Example 3.10 shows a configuration fragment that sets the provider endpoint's response lifetime to 500 milliseconds and its durable subscription client identifier to jms-test-id.