Interface RoutesBuilder

All Known Implementing Classes:
CafeRouteBuilder, CamelCxfExample.MyRouteBuilder, CamelRouterBuilder, Client, ContentBasedRouteRoute, Customer, EtlRoutes, GroovyRouteBuilder, JmsToFileRoute, LoanBroker, LoanBroker, MulticastRoute, MyActivities, MyRouteBuilder, MyRouteBuilder, MyRouteBuilder, PipelineRoute, ProcessBuilder, ReportIncidentRoutes, RouteBuilder, ScriptRouteBuilder, ServerRoutes, SpringRouteBuilder, TutorialRouteBuilder

public interface RoutesBuilder

A routes builder is capable of building routes using the builder and model classes.

Eventually the routes is added to a CamelContext where they run inside.

Method Summary
 void addRoutesToCamelContext(CamelContext context)
          Adds the routes from this Route Builder to the CamelContext.

Method Detail


void addRoutesToCamelContext(CamelContext context)
                             throws Exception
Adds the routes from this Route Builder to the CamelContext.

context - the Camel context
Exception - is thrown if initialization of routes failed

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