Package org.apache.camel.component.quickfix

Class Summary
QuickfixAcceptor QuickfixAcceptor is the endpoint for QuickFIX/J's server instance, e.g.
QuickfixApplication QuickfixApplication is the root for application logic.
QuickfixConsumer QuickfixConsumer is intended to consume the FIX messages
QuickFixDataFormat Quickfix DataFormat.
QuickfixEndpoint QuickfixEndpoint is the common class for quickfix endpoints

Usage example:

from("quickfix-server:acceptor.cfg[?params]").to("someBean", "someMethod").to("quickfix-client:initiator.cfg[?params]");

QuickfixInitiator QuickfixInitiator is the endpoint for QuickFIX/J's initiator instance, e.g.
QuickfixProducer QuickfixProducer is intended to be used as an initiator instance.

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