Interface BrowsableEndpoint

All Superinterfaces:
Endpoint, IsSingleton
All Known Implementing Classes:
BrowseEndpoint, DataSetEndpoint, JmsQueueEndpoint, JmsTemporaryQueueEndpoint, MockEndpoint, SedaEndpoint, TestEndpoint

public interface BrowsableEndpoint
extends Endpoint

An optional interface an Endpoint may choose to implement which allows it to expose a way of browsing the exchanges available.

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Method Summary
 List<Exchange> getExchanges()
          Return the exchanges available on this endpoint
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.camel.Endpoint
configureProperties, createConsumer, createExchange, createExchange, createExchange, createPollingConsumer, createProducer, getCamelContext, getEndpointKey, getEndpointUri, isLenientProperties, setCamelContext
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Method Detail


List<Exchange> getExchanges()
Return the exchanges available on this endpoint

the exchanges on this endpoint

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