Developing RESTful Web Services

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to RESTful Web Services
2. Creating Resources
Basic JAX-RS annotations
Root resource classes
Working with resource methods
Working with sub-resources
Resource selection method
3. Passing Information into Resource Classes and Methods
Basics of injecting data
Injecting data from a request URI
Injecting data from the HTTP message header
Injecting data from HTML forms
Specifying a default value to inject
Using Apache CXF extensions
4. Returning Information to the Consumer
Returning plain Java constructs
Fine tuning an application's responses
Basics of building responses
Creating responses for common use cases
Handling more advanced responses
Returning entities with generic type information
5. Handling Exceptions
Using WebApplicaitonException exceptions to report errors
Mapping exceptions to responses
6. Publishing a Service
7. Entity Support
8. Customizing the Media Types Handled by a Resource
9. Getting and Using Context Information
Introduction to contexts
Working with the full request URI
Injecting the URI information
Working with the URI
Getting the value of URI template variables
Getting the query parameters
Getting the matrix parameters
Working with the HTTP Headers
Working with security information
Working with preconditions
Working with servlet contexts
Working with the Apache CXF context object
Adding custom contexts
10. Annotation Inheritance
List of Tables
List of Examples