Deploying into the OSGi Container

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Fuse ESB 4
OSGi Framework
OSGi Services
OSGi Bundles
Transaction Architecture
2. Building Bundles with Maven
Maven Directory Structure
Generating a Maven Project
Modifying an Existing Maven Project
Configuring the Bundle Plug-In
3. Deploying an OSGi Bundle
Hot Deployment
Manual Deployment
Lifecycle Management
4. Deploying Features
Creating a Feature
Deploying a Feature
5. Deploying a JAR Library
Bundle Tool (Bnd)
Converting a JAR Using Bnd
Converting a JAR Using the wrap Scheme
6. Deploying Apache Camel Routes
Hot Deployment
Packaging Routes in a Bundle
Generating and Running an EIP Bundle
7. Deploying a Web Service
Packaging a Web Service in a Bundle
Generating and Running a Web Services Bundle
8. Deploying a JMS Broker
The Default Broker
Hot Deployment
Manage Brokers from the Console
JMS Endpoints in a Router Application
9. Deploying an OSGi Service
The Blueprint Container
Blueprint Configuration
Defining a Service Bean
Exporting a Service
Importing a Service
Publishing an OSGi Service
Accessing an OSGi Service
10. Inter-Bundle Communication with the NMR
Architecture of the NMR
The Apache Camel NMR Component
11. Pax-Exam Testing Framework
Introduction to Pax-Exam
Sample Pax-Exam Test Class
A. URL Handlers
File URL Handler
HTTP URL Handler
Mvn URL Handler
Wrap URL Handler
War URL Handler
B. OSGi Best Practices
OSGi Tooling
Building OSGi Bundles
Sample POM File
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Examples