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Spring Framework

Since Apache Camel 2.4, Apache Camel uses Spring 3.0.3 as the default Spring version. Spring 2.5 is also still supported, but Spring 2.0.x is now deprecated and, in future releases, will not be supported.

If you explicitly specify the location of the Spring schema in your Spring configuration files, you must change the schema location to point at the 3.0 Spring schema. The Spring 3.0 is located at the following Web page:

For example, assuming your schema locations are specified in the root beans element, you could specify the new Spring schema location as follows:

<beans xmlns=""

It appears that the order in which beans are dependency injected has changed in Spring 3.0. This could potentially affect your existing Apache Camel applications when you upgrade. To gain more control over the order of dependency injection, you could add the depends-on attribute to some of your bean definitions.

For a summary of the new features in Spring 3.0, see New Features and Enhancements in Spring 3.0.