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Chapter 1. Kernel Changes

In Fuse ESB 4.3, the kernel has been upgraded to Apache Karaf 2.0.0. This is the first release of the kernel since it moved from Apache Felix Karaf to become a top-level Apache project, Apache Karaf. As a result of this upgrade, the following dependencies have also been upgraded:

Fuse ESB ships with both the Eclipse Equinox OSGi framework and the Apache Felix OSGi framework, where Equinox runs by default.

To switch the OSGi container to Felix, edit the etc/ file, setting the karaf.framework property to felix.


In the initial release of Fuse ESB 4.3 (that is, 4.3.0-fuse-00-00), the default framework was mistakenly set to felix. If you are not sure which Fuse ESB patch you have installed, check the value of the karaf.framework property to discover which OSGi framework is used.

Support for passing shell commands as command-line arguments to bin/servicemix[.bat] has been discontinued. Instead, use the Karaf client to issue commands against a running ESB instance. See Console Reference for details.

New bin/start[.bat] and bin/stop[.bat] scripts are provided to start and stop a shell-less ESB instance in the background. See Starting and Stopping Fuse ESB in Configuring and Running Fuse ESB for details.

In Apache Karaf 2.0.0, the Java system property, storage.location, has been renamed to karaf.instances.

When you try to browse the Apache Karaf web console using the standard URL, http://localhost:8181/system/console, this currently triggers an error in the web console. To work around this bug, you can enter a URL that takes you directly to one of the menu items in the web console. For example, you can access the web console by browsing the following URL:


For more details about the Apache Karaf web console, see Using the Web Console in Getting Started with Fuse ESB.