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Before you can build and run the sample clients, you must have installed the Apache Ant build tool, version 1.6 or later (see

The OpenWire examples depend on the sample producer and consumer clients located in the following directory:


Open a new command prompt and run the setSslOpts.[bat|sh] script to initialize the SSL_OPTS variable in the broker's environment. Now run the default broker by entering the following at a command line:


The default broker automatically takes its configuration from the default configuration file.


The activemq script automatically sets the ACTIVEMQ_HOME and ACTIVEMQ_BASE environment variables to FuseInstallDir/fuse-message-broker-Version by default. If you want the activemq script to pick up its configuration from a non-default conf directory, you can set ACTIVEMQ_BASE explicitly in your environment. The configuration files will then be taken from $ACTIVEMQ_BASE/conf.

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