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Name Default Value Type Description
iniResourcePath or ini none Resource String or Ini Object A mandatory Resource String for the iniResourcePath or an instance of an Ini object must be passed to the security policy. Resources can be acquired from the file system, classpath, or URLs when prefixed with "file:, classpath:, or url:" respectively. For e.g "classpath:shiro.ini"
passPhrase An AES 128 based key byte[] A passPhrase to decrypt ShiroSecurityToken(s) sent along with Message Exchanges
alwaysReauthenticate true boolean Setting to ensure re-authentication on every individual request. If set to false, the user is authenticated and locked such than only requests from the same user going forward are authenticated.
permissionsList none List<Permission> A List of permissions required in order for an authenticated user to be authorized to perform further action i.e continue further on the route. If no Permissions list is provided to the ShiroSecurityPolicy object, then authorization is deemed as not required
cipherService AES org.apache.shiro.crypto.CipherService Shiro ships with AES & Blowfish based CipherServices. You may use one these or pass in your own Cipher implementation

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