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XML Schema list types are simple types and as such are defined using a simpleType element. The most common syntax used to define a list type is shown in Example 11.8.

The value given for atomicType defines the type of the elements in the list. It can only be one of the built in XML Schema atomic types, like xsd:int or xsd:string, or a user-defined simple type that is not a list.

In addition to defining the type of elements listed in the list type, you can also use facets to further constrain the properties of the list type. Table 11.3 shows the facets used by list types.

For example, the definition for the simpleList element shown in Example 11.7, is shown in Example 11.9.

In addition to the syntax shown in Example 11.8 you can also define a list type using the less common syntax shown in Example 11.10.

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