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The options supported by the openssl ca utility are as follows:


- Talk alot while doing things

-config file

- A config file

-name arg

- The particular CA definition to use


- Generate a new CRL

-crldays days

- Days is when the next CRL is due

-crlhours hours

- Hours is when the next CRL is due

-days arg

- number of days to certify the certificate for

-md arg

- md to use, one of md2, md5, sha or sha1

-policy arg

- The CA ‘policy’ to support

-keyfile arg

- PEM private key file

-key arg

- key to decode the private key if it is encrypted


- The CA certificate

-in file

- The input PEM encoded certificate request(s)

-out file

- Where to put the output file(s)

-outdir dir

- Where to put output certificates


- The last argument, requests to process

-spkac file

- File contains DN and signed public key and challenge


- Do not re-order the DN


- Do not ask questions


- msie modifications to handle all thos universal strings

Most of the above parameters have default values as defined in openssl.cnf.

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