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This command has the following options:

-i, --ignore-case Ignores case distinctions in both the PATTERN and the input files.
-w, --word-regexp Selects only those lines containing matches that form whole words. The test is that the matching substring must either be at the beginning of the line, or preceded by a non-word constituent character. Similarly, it must be either at the end of the line or followed by a non-word constituent character. Word-constituent characters are letters, digits, and the underscore.
-n, --line-number Prefixes each line of output with the line number within its input file.
-x, --line-regexp Selects only those matches that exactly match the whole line.
-v, --invert-match Inverts the sense of matching, to select non-matching lines.
--help Displays the online help for this command.

This command has the following arguments:

pattern The pattern to match; a regular expression.
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