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Fuse Services Framework supports two methods for defining arrays in a contract. The first is define a complex type with a single element whose maxOccurs attribute has a value greater than one. The second is to use SOAP arrays. SOAP arrays provide added functionality such as the ability to easily define multi-dimensional arrays and to transmit sparsely populated arrays.

SOAP arrays are defined by deriving from the SOAP-ENC:Array base type using the wsdl:arrayType element. The syntax for this is shown in Example 3.10.

Using this syntax, TypeName specifies the name of the newly-defined array type. ElementType specifies the type of the elements in the array. ArrayBounds specifies the number of dimensions in the array. To specify a single dimension array use []; to specify a two-dimensional array use either [][] or [,].

For example, the SOAP Array, SOAPStrings, shown in Example 3.11, defines a one-dimensional array of strings. The wsdl:arrayType attribute specifies the type of the array elements, xsd:string, and the number of dimensions, with [] implying one dimension.

You can also describe a SOAP Array using a simple element as described in the SOAP 1.1 specification. The syntax for this is shown in Example 3.12.

When using this syntax, the element's maxOccurs attribute must always be set to unbounded.

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