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Using JMX

Fuse MQ Enterprise is fully instrumented to provide statistics about its performance using JMX. You can monitor a broker using any JMX aware monitoring tool.

By default Fuse MQ Enterprise creates MBeans, loads them into the MBean server created by the JVM, and creates a dedicated JMX connector that provides a Fuse MQ Enterprise-specific view of the MBean server. The default settings are sufficient for simple deployments and make it easy to access the statistics and management operations provided by a broker. For more complex deployments you easily configure many aspects of how a broker configures itself for access through JMX. For example, you can change the JMX URI of the JMX connector created by the broker or force the broker to use the generic JMX connector created by the JVM.

By connecting a JMX aware management and monitoring tool to a broker's JMX connector, you can view detailed information about the broker. This information provides a good indication of broker health and potential problem areas. In addition to the collected statistics, Fuse MQ Enterprise's JMX interface provides a number of operations that make it easy to manage a broker instance. These include stopping a broker, starting and stopping network connectors, and managing destinations.

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