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A discovery agent is a mechanism that advertises available brokers to clients and other brokers. When a client, or broker, using a discovery URI starts up it will look for any brokers that are available using the specified discovery agent. The clients will update their lists periodically using the same mechanism.

How a discovery agent learns about the available brokers varies between agents. Some agents use a static list, some use a third party registry, and some rely on the brokers to provide the information. For discovery agents that rely on the brokers for information, it is necessary to enable the discovery agent in the message broker configuration. For example, to enable the multicast discovery agent on an Openwire endpoint, you edit the relevant transportConnector element as shown in Example 8.1.

Where the discoveryUri attribute on the transportConnector element is initialized to multicast://default.


If a broker uses multiple transport connectors, you need to configure each transport connector to use a discovery agent individually. This means that different connectors can use different discovery mechanisms or that one or more of the connectors can be indiscoverable.

Fuse MQ Enterprise currently supports the following discovery agents:

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