Package org.apache.servicemix.naming

Class Summary
GlobalInitialContextFactoryBuilder An InitialContextFactoryBuilder used to return an XBean Naming context.
InitialContextFactoryWrapper A wrapper around an InitialContextFactory used to ensure the InitialContext returned by the factory is correctly wrapped to allow access to the OSGi context and other URL contexts.
InitialContextWrapper InitialContext wrapper allowing the use of the default context provided, the OSGi context or any URL context supported by the JVM.
OSGiContext A read-only JNDI context that allows access to OSGi services in the registry.
OSGiInitialContextFactoryBuilder An InitialContextFactoryBuilder which delegates to any InitialContextFactoryBuilder found in the OSGi registry.
OSGiServicesContext The naming context used to access OSGi services
ProxyInvocationHandler A very simple proxy to be used as the return value when looking for an OSGi service.

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