Package org.apache.servicemix.nmr.core

Interface Summary
CacheableReference An internal reference that keeps an internal cache of matching endpoints.

Class Summary
ChannelImpl The Channel implementation.
ClientChannel A Channel to be used as a client.
DynamicReference A dynamic reference that holds a transient list of matching endpoints.
EndpointRegistryImpl Implementation of EndpointRegistry interface that defines methods to register, unregister and query endpoints.
ExchangeImpl The default Exchange implementation.
FilterMatchingReference A Reference using an LDAP filter for matching endpoints
FlowRegistryImpl The default implementation of FlowRegistry.
MessageImpl The default Message implementation.
NmrStartedEvent Event representing an NMR instance having started.
NmrStoppedEvent Event representing an NMR instance having stopped.
PropertyMatchingReference A Reference using an map of properties for matching endpoints
ServiceMix This class is the servicemix class implementing the NMR
ServiceRegistryImpl<T> A very basic implementation of a ServiceRegistry that can be inherited to add more specific methods if needed.
StraightThroughFlow The StraightThrough flow is the simpliest possible flow.
WireRegistryImpl Default implementation for a WireRegistry

Exception Summary
ChannelClosedException Exception thrown when using a closed channel.

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