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Shell Console Commands

shell:cat — displays the contents of a file or URL
shell:clear — clears the console buffer
shell:command-watch — watches and refreshes the output of a command
shell:each — execute a closure on a list of arguments
shell:echo — prints arguments to the standard output
shell:exec — executes system processes
shell:grep — displays lines matching a regular expression
shell:head — displays the first lines of a file
shell:history — prints the command history
shell:if — executes an if/then/else block
shell:info — displays system information and statistics about the container
shell:java — execute a Java application
shell:logout — disconnects the shell from the current session
shell:more — displays output as pages of a specified length
shell:new — creates a new Java object of the specified class
shell:printf — formats and prints the specified output
shell:sleep — sleeps for a specified time, then wakes up
shell:sort — writes a sorted concatenation of the specified files to standard output
shell:source — run a shell script
shell:tac — captures the STDIN and returns it as a string and optionally writes the content to a file
shell:tail — displays the last lines of a file

The shell command group provides a number of commands that provide basic console functions such as displaying system information and showing the contents of files.

Type shell: then press Tab at the prompt to view the commands in this group.

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