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Admin Console Commands

admin:change-opts — changes the Java options of an existing container
admin:change-rmi-registry-port — changes the RMI registry port used by the management layer of a container
admin:change-rmi-server-port — changes the RMI server port used by the management layer of a container
admin:change-ssh-port — changes the secure shell port of a container
admin:connect — connects to an existing container
admin:create — creates a new child container
admin:destroy — destroys a child container
admin:list — list all of the child containers on the current host
admin:rename — renames a child container
admin:start — starts a child container
admin:stop — stops a child container

The admin commands allow you to create, manage and destroy container instances.

Type admin: then press Tab at the FuseMQkaraf:karaf@root> prompt to view the available commands.

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