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Features Console Commands

features:addurl — registers one or more URLs to feature repositories with the Fuse ESB Enterprise container.
features:info — show information about the specified feature with the optionally specified version
features:install — installs a feature
features:list — Lists all existing features available from the defined repositories
features:listurl — lists the features repository URLs
features:listVersions — lists all versions of a feature available from the current feature repositories
features:refreshUrl — reloads the list of available features from the repositories
features:removeUrl — removes the specified list of repository URLs from the features service
features:removeRepository — removes the specified repository from the features service
features:uninstall — uninstalls a feature with the specified name and version

The features commands allow you to provision entire applications using the Fuse ESB Enterprise features facility. Features allow you to provision a collection of bundles using a single name.

Type features: then press Tab at the karaf> prompt to view the available commands.

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