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JAAS Console Commands

jass:cancel — cancels a JAAS editing session without applying the pending changes
jaas:manage — opens a JAAS realm for editing
jaas:pending — lists the changes waiting to be applied to the realm being edited
jaas:realms — lists the JAAS realms know to the container
jaas:roleadd — adds a role to a user
jaas:roledel — deletes a role from a user
jaas:update — applies all pending changes to the JAAS realm and closes the editing session
jaas:useradd — adds a user to the JAAS realm being edited
jaas:userdel — deletes a user from the JAAS realm being edited
jaas:users — lists the users in the JAAS realm being edited

The jaas commands are used for editing JAAS realm and user data. Editing a JAAS realm is done in two stages. The changes are placed in a queue until they are applied by executing the jaas:update.

When editing JAAS settings the commands are used as follows:

  1. Start the editing session.


  2. Edit the realm's user data.

    • jass:users

      Lists all of the users.

    • jass:useradd

      Add a new user.

    • jass:userdel

      Delete a user.

    • jass:roleadd

      Add a new role to a user.

    • jass:roledel

      Delete a role from a user.

    • jass:pending

      Lists all of the pending changes that have been made to the realms, but have not been applied to the container.

  3. Apply the changes to the JAAS realm and ends the editing session.


You can abandon an editing session using jaas:cancel before the changes applied to the JAAS settings.

Type jaas: then press Tab at the prompt to view the available commands.

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