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OBR Console Commands

obr:addUrl — adds a list of repository URLs to the OBR service
obr:deploy — deploys a list of bundles using the OBR service
obr:info — prints information about OBR bundles
obr:list — lists OBR bundles
obr:listUrl — displays the repository URLs currently associated with the OBR service
obr:refreshUrl — reloads the repositories to obtain a fresh list of bundles
obr:removeUrl — removes a list of repository URLs from the OBR service
obr:source — downloads the sources for an OBR bundle
obr:start — deploys and starts a list of bundles using OBR

The obr commands allow you to access the OSGi Bundle Repository (OBR) Service API.


This feature is not installed by default. To install the obr shell, run the following command:

karaf@root:> features:install obr

Type obr: then press Tab at the karaf@root> prompt to view the available commands.

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