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abstract contract

See logical contract.

abstract head element

An XML Schema element that cannot appear in an instance document. When a substitution group's head element is declared as abstract with abstract="true", a member of that element's substitution group must be used instead.


See advisory message.

advisory message

A special type of message that contains administrative information about the message broker. They are sent by the broker to special advisory topics.

See Also advisory topic.

advisory topic

A group of special topics that are created by a message broker that are used for monitoring the state of the broker. The broker sends messages about a variety of internal broker events. Clients subscribing to these topics receive advisory messages about these objects.


See Fabric Agent.


The root type for all XML Schema type definitions hierarchies. All primitive types are derivatives of this type, as are all user-defined complex types.

Apache ActiveMQ

An open source project that provides the messaging technology for Fuse ESB Enterprise.

Apache Camel

An open source project that provides the EIP-based routing technology used by Fuse ESB Enterprise.

Apache CXF

An open source project that provides the Web services framework used by Fuse ESB Enterprise.

Apache Karaf

An open source project that provides the OSGi runtime container used by Fuse ESB Enterprise.

Apache ServiceMix

The open source project providing the foundation for Fuse ESB Enterprise.

application server

A software platform that provides the services and infrastructure required to develop and deploy middle-tier applications. Middle-tier applications implement the business logic necessary to provide web clients with access to enterprise information systems. In a multi-tier architecture, an application server sits beside a web server or between a web server and enterprise information systems. Application servers provide the middleware for enterprise systems. JBoss, WebLogic and WebSphere are J2EE application servers.

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