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dead letter channel

An EIP processor that handles messages that cannot be delivered to the intended recipient.

dead letter queue

A special destination used by the message broker to hold undeliverable messages.

dependency injection

A form of inversion of control, where an object’s external dependencies are given to it, either programmatically or through a framework that is driven by configuration information. The result is to decouple dependent objects and allow the dependencies to be resolved at run time.


A logical holding area for messages in a message broker. Clients publish messages to and consume messages from destinations.

See Also queue, topic.

discovery agent

A mechanism that advertises the list of available message brokers to message clients and other message brokers.

See Also dynamic discovery.

durable subscriber

A message consumer that receives all messages published on a topic, including those published while the subscriber is inactive.

dynamic discovery

A mechanism for clients to become aware of the existence of brokers through the use of a discovery agent.

See Also discovery agent.

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