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An international consortium that drives the development, convergence, and adoption of Web services standards. See

one-way operation

One type of WSDL-defined abstract operation, in which the service endpoint receives a message, but does not provide a return message. One-way operations specify only input message types.


A message interaction between a service and a service consumer. The WSDL specification provides for four types of operations:


OSGi is set of open specifications aimed at making it easier to build and deploy complex software applications. The key piece of OSGi technology is the OSGi Framework. It defines standardized mechanism for packaging and managing application bundles. It can dynamical resolve dependencies between bundles and can handle having multiple versions of a bundle deployed simultaneously.

The OSGi specifications are maintained by the OSGi Alliance. See

out message

A temporary holder for .

output message

A message passed from a service provider to a service consumer. When mapped into Java, the parts of an output message are mapped to a method's output parameter list, including any return value. Output messages are defined using the output element in a WSDL contract.

See Also request-response operation, solicit-response operation, notification operation.

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