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Industry-standard abbreviation for qualified name, as defined in the XML namespace specification. A QName is resource name that incorporates the namespace of the specification where that resource is defined.

QNames are composed of:

QNames can be found in several formats. The canonical format for QNames in Fuse ESB Enterprise is the one specified in javax.xml.namespace.QName, which is the namespace URI enclosed in braces, followed immediately (with no punctuation) by the localPart. For, example: {}SOAPHTTPService.

Another format is used in a self-contained document such as a WSDL contract, where a qualified name is in the form prefix:localPart. The prefix is declared in an xmlns element in an XML namespace declaration in the same document. For example, ls:SOAPHTTPService is a qualified name, where the prefix ls is defined in the statement xmlns:ls="" earlier in the same document, and SOAPHTTPService is a resource defined in the specification at that location.


A destination that uses first in/first out semantics.

See Also destination.

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