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Major Widgets integration plan shows a high-level view of how Fuse ESB Enterprise will provide an integration solution to implement phase one of Major Widgets' new business model.

The phase one plan creates:

  • a single order entry point into the order processing system that can be accessed via the Web and by the in-store terminals

  • an intelligent order entry system that routes Web-based orders to the store closest to the delivery destination

  • an order processing system (instances running locally at each store) that receives and processes orders, maintains customer accounts, and tracks and maintains inventory

  • a master/slave broker cluster that provides a highly available, reliable messaging backbone for the integration solution

The phase one plan allows each store to retain their existing internal systems, but enables them to function as a single unit.


Because Major Widgets requires its systems to remain up and running at all times, the front and back ends must be able to be replaced while the system is running. To fulfill this requirement, the front end and each back end will be deployed as FABs (see FABs in a nutshell).

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