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The books listed here provide information about JMS messaging and instructions for developing basic messaging applications—those that do not implement transactions.

  • Broker Client Connectivity Guide

    Describes each of the supported transport options and connectivity protocols in detail and includes code examples.

  • Configuring Message Broker Persistence

    Describes the basic concepts of message persistence and provides detailed information on the supported message stores: KahaDB and JDBC database with/without journaling. It also describes how to use message cursors to improve the scalability of the message store.

  • Using Networks of Brokers

    Describes basic network of brokers concepts and topologies, network connectors, failover and discovery protocols for dynamically discovering and reconnecting to brokers in a network, as well as balancing consumer and producer loads

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  • Fault Tolerant Messaging

    Describes how to implement fault tolerance using master/slave broker patterns.

  • Fuse ESB Enterprise 5.5.0 XML Schema Reference

    Links to Apache ActiveMQ vx.x XML Schema Reference, where, for each namespace, all available components are listed. This is the configuration reference for Apache ActiveMQ.

The books listed here provide information and instructions for implementing transactions and for securing message brokers, and accessing all available message broker classes.

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