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Before you can use the JBI tasks in an Ant build file, you must add the tasks using a taskdef element, as shown in Example 6.5.

Example 6.5. Adding the JBI tasks to an Ant build file

<property name="fuseesb.install_dir" value="/home/fuse_esb"/> 1

<taskdef file="${fuseesb.install_dir}/ant/"> 2
  <classpath id="fuseesb.classpath"> 3
    <fileset dir="${fuseesb.install_dir}">
       <include name="*.jar"/>
     <fileset dir="${fuseesb.install_dir}/lib">
        <include name="*.jar"/>

The build file fragment in Example 6.5 does the following:


Sets a property, fuseesb.install_dir, the installation directory for Fuse ESB Enterprise


Loads the tasks using the ant/


Sets the classpath to make all of the required jars from the Fuse ESB Enterprise installation available

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