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Installing in Console Mode

The installer's console mode is provided for situations where you want to have control over what is installed, but cannot launch a Java GUI. In console mode, you are presented with the same options as in GUI mode.


Console mode is only for UNIX and Linux systems. Do not use the -i console option when installing on Windows.

Use the following steps to install FUSE Services Framework using console mode:

  1. Start the installer:

    sh fuse-services-framework- -i console
  2. Press Enter a number of times to page through the license agreement.

  3. Accept the license agreement by entering Y.


    Entering N exits the installer.

  4. Press Enter.

  5. Enter your the full path to a top-level directory to contain your installation.

  6. Select a JDK from the list and press Enter.


    If you select Choose a Java VM already installed on this machine, you are asked to specified the full path to the Java VM executable file.

  7. Review the installation summary.

  8. If the summary is correct, press Enter.


    You can type back to step backwards through the installer if the summary is not correct.

  9. Choose whether to create a properties file.

    The properties file can be used to perform identical installations on other machines, as described in Installing in Silent Mode.

  10. If you choose to save the installer properties, enter a path name for the properties file.

  11. Press Enter to exit the installer.