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Cipher Suite Filters

In a typical application, you usually want to restrict the list of available cipher suites to a subset of the ciphers supported by the JSSE provider.

Table 4.1 shows the XML namespaces that are referenced in this section:

You define a cipher suite filter using the sec:cipherSuitesFilter element, which can be a child of either a http:tlsClientParameters element or a httpj:tlsServerParameters element. A typical sec:cipherSuitesFilter element has the outline structure shown in Example 4.1 .

The following semantic rules apply to the sec:cipherSuitesFilter element:

The grammar for the regular expressions that appear in the sec:include and sec:exclude elements is defined by the Java regular expression utility, java.util.regex.Pattern. For a detailed description of the grammar, please consult the Java reference guide,

The following XML configuration shows an example of a client that applies a cipher suite filter to the remote endpoint, {WSDLPortNamespace}PortName. Whenever the client attempts to open an SSL/TLS connection to this endpoint, it restricts the available cipher suites to the set selected by the sec:cipherSuitesFilter element.

<beans ... >
  <http:conduit name="{WSDLPortNamespace}PortName.http-conduit">

  <bean id="cxf" class="org.apache.cxf.bus.CXFBusImpl"/>