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Customizing your Environment Script

The fuse_env script sets the Fuse Services Framework environment variables using values obtained from the installer. The script checks each one of these settings in sequence, and updates them, where appropriate.

The fuse_env script is designed to suit most needs. However, if you want to customize it for your own purposes, note the points described in this section.

You can only run the fuse_env script once in any console session. If you run this script a second time, it exits without completing. This prevents your environment from becoming bloated with duplicate information (for example, on your PATH and CLASSPATH). In addition, if you introduce any errors when customizing the fuse_env script, it also exits without completing.

This feature is controlled by the FUSE_ENV_SET variable, which is local to the fuse_env script. FUSE_ENV_SET is set to true the first time you run the script in a console; this causes the script to exit when run again.

The following applies to the environment variables set by the fuse_env script: