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A description of the message format and protocol details for a set of operations and messages. Bindings are created based on the information specified in a WSDL binding element.

binding component

A JBI component that provides connectivity to services external to the JBI environment.

binding element

The element in a WSDL contract that maps the messages defined for a specific portType element to a payload format that will be sent over the wire. For example, a WSDL contract might bind HelloWorldPortType to the SOAP payload format.


In OSGi, a bundle is the primary deployment format. They are either ZIP or JAR files that contain resources and classes for providing a set of functionality to other bundles or to the end user.. Bundles differ from standard JAR files in that they must contain and OSGi manifest describing the bundle and its dependencies.

Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)

An XML-based language for specifying interaction and process flow between Web services to implement a set of business rules.

business rule

In general, an enterprise-specific statement that defines or constrains some aspect of business operation. Business rules are unique to each enterprise or organization.