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Adding a Platform Resource

This section describes how to add a platform resource to Fuse HQ, where a platform resource is identified with an Agent running on a particular host.

This tutorial assumes the following starting point:

To add a platform resource to the set of resources monitored by the Fuse HQ Console, perform the following steps:

  1. On the host that you want to monitor, start the Fuse HQ Agent (the platform resource). See Starting and Stopping the Fuse HQ Agent in Installing Fuse HQ for details of how to start the Agent.

  2. The newly started agent is not visible right away on the console. The Agent must complete an initial scan before it appears on the console. Wait a few minutes (typically, 5 minutes, or more on some platforms), then click your browser's refresh button to renew the dashboard screen. If there is no change on the dashboard, wait a minute and try again. Keep refreshing until a new platform resource appears in the Auto-Discovery portlet on the dashboard, as follows:

  3. To start monitoring the newly-discovered platform resource, click .